Would you like to get ahead on your personal developmental journey? Are you interested in the subjecst like chakras, crystals, mindfulness meditation or even energy healing?

At Indigo Spirit Academy I strive to contribute to the changing consciousness of every human being on this planet. If you understand some of the basics, then it may be time to step up and dive deeper.

Nico Redelinghuys

Hi, I’m Nico Redelinghuys

I am passionate about teaching! From an early age I have always seen myself as a teacher in the front of a classroom. As a child, my favourite game would be to play teacher in a class, handing out homework and marking tests.

Today I get to teach from personal experience about the subjects that I find most interesting. My teaching style is light and friendly, and I always have fun while doing it.

"Nico is an amazing teacher.

"I attended his Meditation course and was impressed by his depth of knowledge and sincerity."

- Diana Smith

Diana Smith